I’ll be taking a break from Steelhead in 2017 for an indefinite amount of time. I want to say thanks to friends, shops, and customers who have supported the brand along the way. The web store is currently closed, but many products and info are archived on the site. Please use our contact form if you have questions or needs. Wishing you all the best!


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Cody Wellema of Wellema Hat Co.

Wellema Hat Co. is our newest stockist and will be carrying a selection of wallets, belts, braces, and other Steelhead products. Come visit the shop’s Grand Opening on Friday, June 3 from 6:00-9:00 pm. Wellema will be taking head measurements and is offering free hat cleanings at the event. Wellema Hat Co. will also be carrying products from Monsivais & Co., Lockwood, and JS Sloane. Live music, drinks, and plenty of hat tipping. Wellema Hat Co. is located at 837 E. Mariposa St. in Altadena, CA.

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Wellema Hat Co. Grand Opening in Altadena, CA



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Welcome to the Steelhead Fine Goods workbench.

A place for everything and everything in its place. This is the bench where most everything that has to do with creating Steelhead products takes place. We are constantly working with sides of leather or yardage of textile so this surface needs to remain as clean, open, and free of clutter as possible. As many craftspeople know, it can be difficult to maintain an orderly and organized bench top. When neglected this workbench can become a disaster.

Work smarter, not harder. The shop is small so I don’t have the luxury of spreading things out amongst different work spaces. My lack of space forces me to be mindful of how I economize wall space and surfaces. It also encourages me to limit my accumulation of tools, materials, and machinery. I try to keep my most used tools and materials close at hand. Tools need to be easily accessed when needed. Equally as important, tools must be easy to put away when no longer in use. In my experience, maintaining a functional workspace means that I constantly have to reevaluate which tools are most valuable to my process and try new organizational strategies to facilitate a smoother workflow.

I’m always looking for workbench and organization inspiration. Please share your ideas and suggestions for an efficient workspace!




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Lucas Azevedo of the Brazilian lifestyle blog, Só Queria Ter Um, recently posted an excellent review of the Steelhead products and exhibit at Inspiration LA 2016. Visit the blog to read all about Lucas’ experience in Los Angeles and see more photos from his trip.


We are very proud to be offering these meticulously crafted Painted Brain Tan Long Wallets. The concept for this wallet has been in the works for quite a while and we’re very happy with the results.

Like all of our other leather offerings, the Painted Brain Tan Long Wallet is a completely handmade piece. The wallet is entirely cut, stitched, and finished by hand. We don’t use any dies, sewing machines, or other machinery to make these.

To make the Painted Brain Tan Long Wallet, we start with high-quality American vegetable tanned leather. The leather starts off very clean and pale in color. We then put the leather through a process of dyeing, distressing, and conditioning to give the leather a unique appearance.

We also create an inlay of brain tanned leather. Brain tanning is a traditional process for tanning hides which uses an emulsified solution of animal brain and water. When holding the wallet in hand, the contrast between the vegetable tanned leather and the brain tan leather is quite apparent. The vegetable tanned leather is firm and somewhat rigid whereas the brain tan leather is soft, pliable, and has a smoky aroma. After all, brain tan leather is smoked in the tanning process.

For this piece, we make our own paint in-house using natural pigments and other natural ingredients. There are no acrylics or synthetic dyes in our paint. Our process is informed by the those used by Native painters. Once we mix the appropriate ratios we have only a short window of time to apply the paint before it becomes unusable.

The inside of the wallet features six card slots, two bill pockets, and one large zippered pocket. For these wallets we choose to use vintage zippers (Talon, Conmar, etc.) that have been salvaged from other bags and garments.

Finally, the wallet is adorned with brain tan lace and Native American trade beads on a solid brass swivel ring. We offer the Painted Brain Tan Wallets with a solid brass wallet chain which has been given a unique patina.

Please explore the Painted Brain Tan Wallets in our shop.


Inspiration LA 2016 has come and gone. The dust is finally settling after a long weekend of showcasing at Inspiration LA followed by some good times with friends at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I failed to take very many photos all weekend long because I was so busy with the booth and distracted by a constant flow of familiar faces, but here’s a taste of the Steelhead Fine Goods booth at the show in case you weren’t able to join us.

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We are very grateful Rin Tanaka for hosting Inspiration LA, and to our friends from Wellema Hat Co. for helping us make the weekend a success. Wellema was a great neighbor and added a very classy vibe to the event. It was awesome to see a grip of people coming by to get fitted for a custom hat from Wellema.

I was also glad that a lot of people came by to check out these hand-painted wallets that I’ve been working on. I’m really proud of these pieces, especially since I’ve been using natural pigments to mix my own paints for some of them. I’m really liking the results and glad that many people appreciate the direction we’re taking with these products. More to come in the near future!

At the Rose Bowl Flea Market after Inspiration LA I spent the day assisting my friends, Worn Over Time, and joking with my good pal, Sam Roberts LA. We, of course, got a bunch of our amigos together for what seems to be an annual “family” photo including Boronote, Jyumoku, Bandana Almanac, Coyote Ugly, Rugged Boss, and Bandit Photographer and others. See you all next year!

Steelhead Fine Goods, Rose Bowl Flea Market, Inspiration LA, vintage, Worn Over Time, Sam Roberts LA, Bandit Photographer, Bandana Almanac

We’re really excited to be attending Inspiration LA again this year, February 12 & 13, in Downtown LA. As always, the whole weekend is going to be filled with great people and tons of mind-blowing vintage. The weekend of events begins with a preview at The Reef on Friday, February 12 from 4:00-9:oopm. The Vintage Fashion Gathering will continue on Saturday, February 13 from 10:00-5:00pm. Those who are more serious buyers may want to consider purchasing a VIP Ticket which allows ticket holders to enter at 10:00am on Friday during setup.

The Steelhead Fine Goods display will be in booth #522, basically right in the middle of the event. We are neighboring our great friends, Wellema Hat Co., in booth #423. We have got a bunch of new product (some made by SFG and plenty of vintage pieces) that has not yet been for sale or seen elsewhere, including some collaboration pieces between Wellema & Steelhead. This is a good opportunity to grab a unique wallet, belt, bag, or anything from our vintage collection before it goes up for sale anywhere else. If you’re at the show, please come say hello.

The official Inspiration LA after party will be held at RRL on Melrose from 7:00-9:00pm on Saturday night; 8150 Melrose Ave. We’ll be there to hang out after we break down our space. When the party ends, we plan to get a few hours of sleep before hitting up the Rose Bowl Flea Market early in the morning. Our pals, Sam Roberts LA and Worn Over Time, will be selling some of the most radical stuff in Space P-1; vintage cowboy hats, old selvage denim, Mexican biker rings, St. Christopher necklaces, etc. Find us hanging out there!

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