Steelhead Fine Goods creates and curates quality objects for those with a discerning sense of style. Rooted in California, we handcraft leather goods, repurpose salvaged materials, and collect exceptional vintage objects. We hope that the pieces you choose from our collection will become a part of your personal story and help you forge a unique identity in the world.

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All of our leather goods are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted by hand. We offer remarkably refined leather products alongside unique leather goods that are intentionally given the appearance of age. Each item made in our shop is constructed with careful attention and premium materials to ensure that the product will develop a beautiful patina while enduring many years of rigorous use.

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As we collect textiles, clothing, and other relics of the past, we find distinct ways to recraft these materials into new products. Whether a piece is completely rebuilt or simply embellished, our process gives new life to old objects so that they may continue to pass through many hands and create new history.

vintage horsehide jacket cayuse trade blanket beads Steelhead Fine Goods

Exploration, travel, and a focused hunt for vintage items offers us the opportunity to unearth unique objects that have journeyed the stretches of America and the world. We select these rare vintage items so that they might spark an emotional connection to the past, and inspire the ways we live today.

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